Ezra’s Birth Testimony

Sunday, April 24, we walked through the doorway of church only for me to feel a gush… then another, followed by streams down each leg. I immediately turned around and told Jared and my dad we wouldn’t be going to church today. Thinking my water had broken, we made a plan to grab my hospital … Continue reading Ezra’s Birth Testimony

Promises in the Dark

A few months ago, Jared and I got to visit the magnificent Victoria Falls at night. I had heard rumor of the amazing rainbow still seen after the sun had set, but I hadn't witnesses it for myself. The moon had to be full in order for there to be enough light reflected for a … Continue reading Promises in the Dark


Transitioning from sub-Saharan Africa to east Africa has been challenging yet incredibly fruitful for myself and our ministry. This area is known for a heavy Muslim influence. Muslim culture is often discussed as intimidating and impossible, but the Lord has revealed that lie is fear limiting love. Muslims aren't any different from the rebellious giving … Continue reading Unveiled