The Adventure

As 2017 comes to an end, I can’t help but marvel as I reflect. This year has been full of adventure and breakthrough, dreams fulfilled, and wondrous opportunity. My heart has been stretched to new depths, and I’ve met the sweetest friends all over the world. Some days I found myself surrounded by mud walls … Continue reading The Adventure


Not Just in Africa

Returning to America was not an easy transition for me. Although I knew the purpose, I still wondered how the Lord would ultimately use this time. It’s not “down time” – there is still work to be done, but my question was, “What does my ministry look like here?” He said, “I need your ministry … Continue reading Not Just in Africa


For those of who didn't know or haven't seen me yet, I am in America. You might be wondering why, since I'm a missionary, shouldn't I still be in Africa? Although I get to travel the world and lead short-term expeditions, I can only do that if there are people willing to come with me. … Continue reading Recruiting



Transitioning from sub-Saharan Africa to east Africa has been challenging yet incredibly fruitful for myself and our ministry. This area is known for a heavy Muslim influence. Muslim culture is often discussed as intimidating and impossible, but the Lord has revealed that lie is fear limiting love. Muslims aren't any different from the rebellious giving … Continue reading Unveiled



Internet in Africa is unpredictable, so I apologize for the delay in my update. Everything about our July 4th Expedition was unpredictable as well. Our team of 13 headed out to Siabamba village in Chipepo B Chiefdom on the 7th, but we didn’t arrive to the village until the 9th due to engine failure. We camped on … Continue reading Boldness


He Who Provides

Rural Zambia lives without running water, electricity, or medical facilities. They live in simple huts, carry water in jugs from the borehole, and farm to feed their families. Due to the lack of resources, most Zambians have at some point turned to witchdoctors. Witchdoctors associate with evil spirits, but they earn their wage by treating … Continue reading He Who Provides


Living Fully Convinced

During my fundraising process, I met with one of my education professors who identified that many people throughout my years in college attempted to convince me to get a job right out of school and teach, but I didn't do that. I couldn't do it. I wasn't convinced, and she noticed. She could tell I wasn't confident moving forward in … Continue reading Living Fully Convinced